We are Not Open All Hours

One of the most famous sketches in British comedy history was the “Four Candles” piece from The Two Ronnies.

Those of you who remember it can indulge yourself in a bit of nostalgia by clicking on the link below and those who have not seen it before can experience one of the all-time British classics.



Ronnie Barker also starred in the hit TV series “Open All Hours”. Unlike the shop in that show, Manchester Printers will be closing down for the holidays on Tuesday 24th December at 1.00 pm and we will be back on Thursday 2nd January at 9.00 am.

If you do need any last minute calendars, Christmas cards or planners, there is still plenty of time so please get in touch and our team will turn them around for you in super-quick time ahead of the holiday shutdown.


Gavin – Head of Opening Hours