A cut above the rest!


As with all growing companies, there are certain areas of the business where a bottleneck can occur. In one of our instances, this was in the finishing department were all the printed sheets gets trimmed, folded, glued, stitched 2 wires, made up etc.

Our guillotine was 20 yrs old and it was breaking down more times than it was running so a decision was made to invest in a brand new Ideal 7260 B2 machine. This piece of equipment is made in Germany so the order was placed and it got delivered and installed last week at a cost of £17,000.00

We have already noticed a massive difference in productivity due to the speed and cutting capabilities of this new piece of kit and hence no more bottlenecks!

Overall it means Manchester Printers can still keep delivering your jobs on time every time and we currently have a 99.9% delivery ratio, not bad eh?

So when that next quick turnaround job lands on your desk you know where to come!