A Stitch In Time!

In October we spoke about having a bottleneck in our finishing department and our 20 yrs old guillotine was replaced with a brand new Ideal 7260 B2 guillotine.

Well, this month we have had a similar problem with our booklet making machine, old age and sourcing worn parts were becoming a problem causing a lot of downtime in productivity. The only way around this problem was to invest £25,000.00 in a brand new state of the art Duplo DBM 150 booklet machine which did a similar job at 10 x the speed! The piece of equipment is also made in Germany so the order was placed and it got delivered and installed this week.

Again, we have already noticed a massive difference in productivity due to the speed of this new piece of kit and hence no more bottlenecks! Next time you want a booklet printed and finished in record time you know where to come!