How much is a roller banner?

Before answering the main question about the pull-up roller banner you are considering, answer the following:-

Why do you want it?

What do you want it to do?

Where are you going to use it?

How long do you want it to last?

What is your budget?

What material is it printed on?

Is it laminated?

Is it guaranteed, and for how long?
Then remember the well-known phrase…. “You only get what you pay for!”

The pull-up roller banner is retracted inside the canister and it is pulled out and fixed in place with a telescopic pole clipped in place. Very easy to put up and down very quickly and they come with a free carry case with most suppliers.

Like everything else available on the internet prices vary considerably. However, two main issues to consider when comparing prices of roller banners are the cassette mechanisms and the vinyl’s used.

On the cheaper banner stand units, the cassette which the vinyl banner sits are often produced in China. These may be great for a real bargain but are unlikely to last more than once or twice once used. The mechanism which has a mainspring in it will jam or break. The aluminium pole may bend, or it just may not work properly. The cassette mechanism is self-winding so must run smoothly or the banner will get caught and tear. Often the banner vinyl will stop short of going into the cassette and then is completely useless.

Cassette mechanisms range in quality and can be made of lightweight aluminium or plastic which breaks easily but are more often made of ‘durable’ and ‘high grade’ ‘silver anodised aluminium.

Secondly, the quality of the vinyl used varies from supplier to supplier. The cheaper economy banner stands are printed on vinyl’s of 125 microns (thickness) whereas the premium alternatives can use 400 microns and are fire resistant.

The cheap vinyl’s can curl badly, the colour can fade and being thin they could tear or damage easily.

Ideally the pull-up roller banner should be laminated to protect from scratches and tears. The inks used should be UV stable, so fading will not occur once in direct sunlight and the graphics should be photo quality.

Prices also vary depending on the size of roller banner from various companies, so it is very important to check the specifications.

The standard size is 800mm x 2000mm but they can be slightly taller or wider and the price will reflect this.