I Dont Work Fridays!

They say there isn’t such a thing as a free lunch. But of course, we know there is. And that’s why I got a personal invite to join “I Don’t Work Fridays Lunch Club” which was set up by #1 Amazon Bestseller author and Scalability Coach Martin Norbury who reveals the formula to serious business growth.

Hosted by Martin and Jacki, it was at the world famous Mondrian Hotel in London last Friday that eight like-minded business owners and entrepreneurs were treated to pre-drinks, a 10-course taster meal and cocktails on the roof terrace. What a terrific way to spend a Friday afternoon!


The point of this email is that we all lead very, very busy working life’s and this “Friday Off” opportunity gave me a taste of what it would be like to have Fridays off permanently to spend time with my family, doing the things I wanted to do, etc.

Now I am not at that stage yet, far from it but I assure you I will be focusing all my efforts on building Manchesterprinters.com “into the best printers in the world” so I can have those Fridays off!

What will you be doing?