Reflections on meeting a Dragon…

So yesterday I had the amazing opportunity to hear Deborah Meaden from Dragon’s Den…

Out of all the Dragons, Deborah was one of my favourite’s and meeting her in real life didn’t disappoint.

She was one of the most honest, down-to-earth and inspiring entrepreneurs I’ve ever listened to. I’m even more of a fan now than before ????

Key takeaways which I captured…

  • Everything you do in your career is a marker in your life (Deborah was once a bingo caller) and still uses the learning from this chapter in her life.
  • The power of properly paying attention to your customer and really figuring out what matters to my customer.
  • Spend your energy on things that take you forward – don’t drain yourself on the little things.
  • Prove yourself to yourself rather than anyone else.
  • You don’t have to get everything right, your customer is more forgiving if they like you!!
  • An organisation behaves how the owner behaves – how does your personality, language and trust contribute to how you are perceived as a business owner?
  • Spend your time scanning the horizon so you can spot opportunities. The ability to be flexible to adapt your plan is critical.

My mission will be to take note of these pointers and make sure they are integrated into our business. What will the learning points for you be?

Kind Regards

Gavin – “On that basis, I’m Out!!”