What is Digital Embossing?

Digital Embossing is a process where digitally clear ink in perfect registration prints onto a suitable previously printed sheet, which is then UV (ultra violet) cured causing the clear image to rise off the surface of the sheet creating a dramatic three-dimensional effect. It can be applied to one side or both sides of a sheet and can be high lift or low lift.

Low Lift Digital Embossing is like a very thick layer of spot UV varnish, but thicker, glossier and far more accurately registered.

High Lift Digital Embossing is stunning. It has the excitement of a spot UV varnished, embossed job but with perfect registration and without the matching, deep deboss on the reverse of the sheet below the embossing.

The price of the Digital Embossing is related to the quantity of varnish which needs to be applied, just as it is with conventional UV varnishing. So High Lift is more expensive than Low Lift and coverage of say, 21 to 40% of the surface area is cheaper than coverage of 41% to 60%.